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Keep your service bays filled.

This service campaign delivers the best ROI of any program we have tried.

Our first client to try it was London Honda in London, Ontario.
  • Our campaign generated 104 Repair orders
  • They billed $18,575 in customer pay labour
  • Then sold $10,806 in parts
  • The 104 no-charge roadside assistance plans only cost $1,248.00
  • Cost of the promotion was only $2,000.00
That’s 9 x Return on Investment!

We have repeated this campaign over and over with similar results. The campaign consists of:

  • Email message to unlimited clients
  • SMS text Message Offer to 3,000 clients
  • 22,000 web banner ads targeted to only your customers
  • Landing page with sign-up form
  • Instant notification to your BDC or CRM system.
  • Final campaign reporting.

Only $1999.99

North American Road-Side Assistance packages available for $12.00 each.

This absolutely worked! We booked a lot of appointments and we posted a record January… and we’re on pace for a record February too.

We were so happy with this campaign that we’re looking to do it again in early summer when we hit another slow time in the shop.

In my opinion, this is something that every Service Department should be looking at doing at least once a year. The Driving Success campaign made it easy and the cost made it a no-brainer. Do yourself a favour and give them a call.

Perry KantzasDirector of Fixed Operations, London Honda, London Ontario
Scratch and Save

Game Play Drives Engagement

Your customers have  dozens of points of contact when they bring in their vehicle for service.  Make sure the first one put a smile on their face.

Discounts are a time proven method for creating additional traffic when business is slow.  Gamification amplifies the power of  that discount. When a customer wins a prize, they become invested in the event and the discount becomes more meaningful than any coupon. 

Our scratch and save games will ensure your service bays are billed this month.

Target your "Lost Souls"

Re-engage customers you've lost to 3rd party service centres

Generate new Customer Pay Serivce

Use the free 51 point inspection to identify necessary repairs for your customers.

Build your marketing list

Everyone that claims your offer becomes an active marketing prospect for future campaigns.