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Convert Subaru Loyalty Prospects Into Leads

Save time and resources by letting our technology identify your real opportunities.

Run your own Event Sales using our communications tools

  • Do your staff spend hours updating contact information to send out e-mails and then follow up?
  • Do you tie up valuable staff trying to call your CRM prospects?
  • Do you spend hundreds of dollars every month trying to follow up with direct mail?

Driving Success has a better way to reach your Subaru Loyalty prospects using our data processing and automation. We will reach up to 96% of your CRM prospects and generate in-bound calls, emails and text messages for your staff.

Step 1: Data clean-up and verification.

  • We identify mobile numbers on the account, verify e-mail addresses and clean up formatting using our industry-leading technology.

Step 2: E-mail Notification

  • E-mail enables us to send the full message and provide the entire range of contact options. For many customers e-mail is still their preferred method of communications enabling them to reply on their own schedule

Step 3: Ringless Voicemail

  • We use both automation and follow-up by our real operators to ensure the maximum number of clients hears your offer. Combining real operators with automation can yield >95 % delivery.

Step 4: SMS Text Message

  • Immediate response from SMS Text messages with > 90% open rate. Our web and mobile apps empower your team with instant shared communications.

Step 5: Respond to your engaged prospects

Using three channels of communications to reach your prospects ensures greater than 96% contact rate and reinforces the importance and urgency of your promotion. Customers respond enthusiastically knowing that there are loyalty rewards from Honda awaiting them.

Step 6: Repeat over and over

  • We create message templates for E-mail, SMS Text & Ringless voicemail that can be used universally for Honda CRM campaigns
  • We update key fields and passages to reflect the latest offer without creating completely new campaigns.
  • We repeat your campaign over and over every time Honda provides you with a new list of CRM prospects

Campaign Pricing

Only $500/day

 You select the frequency and number of customers to target based on your goals and your staff’s capacity to handle in-bound leads.

  • Includes Reusable message templates
  • Text messaging, Ringless voicemail and Email broadcast
  • Data verification & validation
  • Up to 500 Customer contacts per day

One-time CRM campaign set-up fee: $500.00

We want to hear from you

Driving Success has been helping Canadian auto dealers run promotions  for over a decade. We can help your business grow too. 

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