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These extraordinary times call for a shift in the way you market your auto dealership

Tell your story

This is the time to inform, educate and entertain your customers.

For over a decade Driving Success has been crafting newsletters for Canadian auto dealers.
We enable you to:

  • Tell your founders story.
  • Tell your staff story.
  • Tell your dealership story
  • Telly your community story

We create original content each month for over a dozen manufacturers and combine it with photos, video and messages from your dealership.

Driving Success newsletters qualify for co-op from most OEM brands.

Connect with your customers, don’t sell to them.

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Driving Success currently supports these brands:

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What Our Dealers Are Saying

T and T Honda
Calgary, AB

“It has really impacted when it comes to branding ourselves with our customers and keeping on-going communication with them.

We are very happy with Driving Success and the services they provide and would really recommend it to anyone thinking about a newsletter. It is well worth the money you spend on it just for the lack of headaches and ease of use alone.”

West Coast Auto Group
Maple Ridge, BC

“We know that direct marketing is important and that is one of the reasons the Driving Success e-newsletter program is an integral part of our marketing strategy. We know who is receiving it and who is reading it and acting on it. Little time is required from our dealership staff and it is easy to create each newsletter.

The results have been a jump in website traffic after each newsletter mailing, an improved response to monthly sales programs, and an increase in service coupon redemption.”

Reach more customers for less money

Your newsletter by Driving Success will cost less per view, click and unit sold than any other advertising medium. Whatever KPI you use to measure success in marketing, we come out ahead.

More importantly, your newsletter tells the story of your dealership, your staff, your facilities and your customer service. When you rely on OEM marketing and resources, you are paying to tell the brand story.

Let us tell your story.

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