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Honda CRM Campaigns

Let us generate inbound leads from your Honda CRM prospects

Save your staff time and resources by letting our technology identify your real leads.

Success with Honda CRM Campaigns at Waterloo Honda

Having taken over Waterloo Honda at the beginning of 2018, the marketing initiatives practiced here were outdated and unquantifiable and only used traditional methods such as print and radio. For the first six months under our management, we experimented with other vendors that promised huge returns but we were left disappointed and with huge invoices. Working with the team at Driving Success, we were able to mine our database effectively and efficiently and without overwhelming or pestering clients and we experienced tremendous success and were able to quantify our ROI fairly easily and precisely. We’re looking forward to a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with the team at Driving Success.

Perry Kantzas
General Manager-Waterloo Honda

Your Honda CRM prospects can be a rich opportunity... if you can easily identify who is a real lead.

  • Do your staff spend hours updating contact information to send out e-mails and then follow up?
  • Do you tie up valuable staff trying to call your CRM prospects?
  • Do you spend hundreds of dollars every month trying to follow up with direct mail?

Driving Success has a better way to reach your Honda CRM prospects using our data processing and automation. We will reach up to 96% of your CRM prospects and generate in-bound calls, emails and text messages for your staff.

Step 1: Data clean-up and verification.

  • We identify mobile numbers on the account, verify e-mail addresses and clean up formatting using our industry-leading technology.

Step 2: E-mail Notification

  • E-mail enables us to send the full message and provide the entire range of contact options. For many customers e-mail is still their preferred method of communications enabling them to reply on their own schedule

Step 3: Ringless Voicemail

  • We use both automation and follow-up by our real operators to ensure the maximum number of clients hears your offer. Combining real operators with automation can yield >95 % delivery.

Step 4: SMS Text Message

  • Immediate response from SMS Text messages with > 90% open rate. Our web and mobile apps empower your team with instant shared communications.

Step 5: Respond to your engaged prospects

Using three channels of communications to reach your prospects ensures greater than 96% contact rate and reinforces the importance and urgency of your promotion. Customers respond enthusiastically knowing that there are loyalty rewards from Honda awaiting them.

Step 6: Repeat over and over

  • We create message templates for E-mail, SMS Text & Ringless voicemail that can be used universally for Honda CRM campaigns
  • We update key fields and passages to reflect the latest offer without creating completely new campaigns.
  • We repeat your campaign over and over every time Honda provides you with a new list of CRM prospects

Campaign Pricing

Only $500/day

 You select the frequency and number of customers to target based on your goals and your staff’s capacity to handle in-bound leads.

  • Includes Reusable message templates
  • Text messaging, Ringless voicemail and Email broadcast
  • Data verification & validation
  • Up to 500 Customer contacts per day

One-time CRM campaign set-up fee: $500.00

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