May 2023 Cover

The New 2024 GLA
Launching Q4 in Canada

Mercedes-Benz is updating its longstanding workhorse, the GLA, for 2024, adding a better Driver’s Assistance package, new front and rear design, and comfort seats in full ARTICO.

New Technology for the Mercedes Benz AMG Line
Improved LED lighting, enhanced interior, and new options for all models

Mercedes-Benz is adding more features to its technology-packed compact luxury SUVs, the GLA and GLB, including oversized alloy wheels and an improved mild hybrid powertrain.

Equipping a Canine Companion
Essential Outdoor Gear for Your Dog

Ready to unleash your dog’s inner adventurer? Discover all the essential outdoor gear you need for your four-legged companion and get ready for some tail-wagging fun.

Falling for Canada
Exploring the Best Waterfalls Across the Country

Learn about the most stunning waterfalls across Canada, from famous to more secluded beauties. Discover gorgeous scenery, excellent hiking trails, and spectacular cascades.

Rain Barrels 101
A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up a Rainwater Collection System

Want to lower your water bills while conserving water and reducing your environmental impact? Consider setting up a rain barrel rainwater collection system–it’s easy, eco-friendly, and fun!

8 Active Ways to Protect Your Engine
Tips for Easy Preventative Maintenance

Without a functioning engine, your vehicle will be going nowhere fast. Taking some simple protective measures will help keep this central component running smoothly, and here’s what to do.

Vibrant Victoria Day
Unique Ways to Celebrate Across Canada

Victoria Day is an exciting holiday in Canada, with celebrations ranging from parades to rodeos. Let’s explore some of the most unique celebrations found throughout the country!

Feed Your Curiosity
6 Must-Listen Podcasts That Will Expand Your Horizons

From science to economics to design, here are some of the best podcasts that will challenge your assumptions and help deepen your understanding of the world around you.

Easy Digital Transactions
Best Online Payment Processors in Canada

In today’s digital age, online payment processors have become essential for Canadian businesses. Here are some top suggestions to help you simplify your transactions.

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