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The Civic is Honda’s longest-running automotive nameplate and its highest-selling model globally. Its Canadian introduction came in 1973 when the Civic was heralded for its refined driving dynamics, quality construction and world-class fuel efficiency, despite selling only 747 units the first year.

Buy a new or pre owned vehicle and you could drive away with $5000!!!

A first for the longtime model that’s twice flirted for the top honor as a finalist!

Brad Pikula was the sales person of the month for December 2017. And he was the overall TOP Sales Person for the 2017 year!!

Brantford Honda welcomes…
Introducing our newest team member

Nam Phanphila to our team!

Kelli we thank you so much for helping us pick out our new car and for helping us through the process of purchasing it!

Mike Anderson and Will Ratelband

Brantford Honda and the Salvation Army wish to thank you for contributing to the success of our annual “Operation Odyssey” Christmas Toy Drive 2017. You donations helped make a lot of children in need happy!

The Brantford Honda Team & The Brantford Salvation Army

Honda for ALL
Introducing the new Civic SE

2018 Honda CR-V
Motor Trend SUV of the Year

To absolutely no-one’s surprise, the 2018 Honda CR-V has once again dominated Motor Trend’s SUV Of the Year category with the judges describing it as “a supreme example of calm, confident composure that delivers in all categories”. 23 contenders couldn’t best the global sensation for the following reasons…

Honda Sports EV and NeuV Concepts
Two New Perspectives on the Future of Personal Transportation

While exploring what cars of the future may look like and how they may fit into our quickly evolving lives, Honda unveiled two very different concept vehicles: a very practical, utilitarian pod called the NeuV, and a retro-futuristic coupe called the Sports EV. Both represent a glimpse of the future from two very different perspectives…

Healing Touch
The Health and Wellness Benefits of Massage Therapy

Not only is a massage a great way to pamper yourself, but massage therapy has also long been one of the most popular and effective types of complementary and alternative medicine.

Most drivers are aware that winter is the most dangerous time for their car’s battery!

Save 13% off your Timing belt & water pump replacement!

Just Ask Gary & Jake!
You ask and our experts will answer

My 2005 Honda Accord is about to have its second timing belt and water pump done. Is this necessary and why? It is a big job?

Tired of a Cold Car?

Stay toasty with a professionally installed remote car starter system from as little as $599+tx installed.

Warm & Stylish

Keep yourself toasty with one of Honda’s genuine winter apparel items!!

Meet and Greet!! If you recently bought a vehicle, we hope you’ll be able to join us.

Winter Driving Tips
3 Signs Your Vehicle’s Battery is About to Fail

We’ve all been there. You wake up, late. You have only minutes to get to work. You race out to your vehicle, turn the key and… nothing. It won’t start. Your battery is dead. But, this was completely avoidable if you’d been able to identify these important warning signs…

Please send a copy of your resume today!

Fire and Ice Festival
Bracebridge’s Unique Take on a Winter Carnival

The Town of Bracebridge is gearing up to put on its third annual Fire and Ice Festival, a one-of-a-kind winter festival that will have you cooling down and warming up from one event to the next.

Beat the Cold
Top Winter Travel Destinations Around the World

Looking for a break from the cold weather? Many Canadians like to escape the chill of the winter and spend some time in a warmer locale over the months of January and February.

When It Pays to Pay
The Benefits of Having a Credit Card

It’s true that credit card misuse can result in serious consequences, but as long as you are careful with how you use it, having a credit card can also provide you with many important benefits.

Returning to Pandora
The Scoop on the Four Upcoming Avatar Sequels

It has been several years since we last visited Pandora, but James Cameron has confirmed that Avatar – which still holds the title for the highest-grossing movie of all time – is finally going to get its sequels.

DIY Beauty
3 Effective Skincare Products You Can Make at Home

Quality skincare products don’t usually come cheap. The good news is that you can save some money and get glowing skin by making a few of your own skincare products at home.

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