February 2018

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Introducing Sam Slater
Daytime Receptionist

In 2015 when we last spotlighted Sam Slater she was transitioning from our evening receptionist to our full time day receptionist. Since Sam started with us in November of 2013 she has been a great asset to West Coast Mazda and the Auto Group looking after a multitude of tasks.

Thanks to You!
2018 Consumer Satisfaction Award

We are very proud to say that we have won the DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award for the second year in a row. We try hard to give you the best service & experience possible and we appreciate all the positive reviews. We hope to do it again and make it 3 years in a row.

Mazda Brakes
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Engine Air Filter
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Winter Driving Safety
Life-Saving Items You Should Keep in Your Vehicle

Proper Clothing
If you’re the type that dresses with fashion in mind and not the weather, keep proper winter-grade gloves, boots, and coat and hat in your vehicle.

A wool or fleece blanket is an excellent choice. Keep one for any person that typically travels with you.

Rain Poncho
A cheap rain poncho can make all the difference against hypothermia if you need to walk any distance in a cold rain or sleet.

Simple, stable, wrapped food such as protein bars are a great choice.

Water bottles can freeze if left in your vehicle, but if you have the room, keep a few with food in a cooler, which will help insulate them from cold and contain any bottles that do rupture.

If you find yourself stuck in a snow bank or loose, slippery snow, you will need a way to dig out your drive wheels. Keep a small shovel in your cargo area or trunk.

Sand or Salt for Traction.
Kitty Litter (composed of clay) will turn to mud. Pea gravel or an old strip of carpet forced under the leading edge of a tire can work too.

Keep at least one decent LED flashlight in the car. Regularly check the batteries.

Cell Phone Charger
You have a cell phone, but do you keep a car charger inside the car at all times?

Emergency Kit
Although a typical kit may include some of the items mentioned here, most will include a number of excellent supplies for a worst-case-scenario.

Newly Installed Windshield Wiper Blades
Make certain you can see properly at all times

Snow Brush/Ice Scraper.
Get one that does both. It’s best if your brush is long enough that you can reach all of the roof, trunk and hood of your vehicle so that you can properly clear off ALL snow and ice before driving.

Windshield Washer Fluid.
Keep extra of the winter variety that will not freeze. There are lots of washer fluid varieties that will not hold up to freezing temperatures, so check the label.

Tow Strap
If you get stuck, other drivers may stop to help, but they rarely have a tow strap. A strap is superior to a chain because it is lighter, stronger and if it breaks, it will do less damage.

Proper Winter Tires
This is no joke. If you’ve never owned a set of winter tires, it’s time to learn how much more effective they are at digging through snow and keeping your vehicle under control.

A Full Tank of Gas.
Not only will a full tank provide more range, but if you’re ever stranded you will then be able to run your vehicle’s heater much longer.

Make it as easy as possible to get yourself, your family or your friends safely back home. Click the button below to schedule an appointment to have your wipers replaced, washer fluid filled or for a consultation regarding winter tires.

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