February 2018

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Introducing Sam Slater
Daytime Receptionist

In 2015 when we last spotlighted Sam Slater she was transitioning from our evening receptionist to our full time day receptionist. Since Sam started with us in November of 2013 she has been a great asset to West Coast Mazda and the Auto Group looking after a multitude of tasks.

Thanks to You!
2018 Consumer Satisfaction Award

We are very proud to say that we have won the DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction Award for the second year in a row. We try hard to give you the best service & experience possible and we appreciate all the positive reviews. We hope to do it again and make it 3 years in a row.

Mazda Brakes
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Mazda Skyactiv Vehicle Dynamics
The Genius of G-Vectoring Control (video)

Whether turning, braking or simply cruising, the driver controls a vehicle as naturally and easily as if it were an extension of his or her own body. The Jinba-Ittai driving feel is the result of Mazda’s unique, human-centred development philosophy, under which the company has produced a wide range of engineering advances, including SKYACTIV technologies.

SKYACTIV is the general term for Mazda’s technology developed under the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom principle of providing all customers with driving pleasure as well as excellent environmental and safety performance. SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS represents a breakthrough in Mazda’s relentless pursuit of Jinba-Ittai.

Part of the SKYACTIV series, SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS technologies provide integrated control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body to enhance the car’s Jinba-Ittai feel—a sense of connectedness between car and driver that differentiates Mazda vehicles from others.

GVC (G-Vectoring Control) is a natural control effect based on a human-centred development philosophy. It’s the first technology within Mazda’s SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS, and is a critical part of the SKYACTIV series of technologies.


Your confidence increases when your vehicle behaves the way you expect it to. As the driver, you are constantly moving the steering wheel to keep your vehicle within its lane whether driving in a straight line or cornering. However, due to irregularities and undulations in the road surface, the vehicle does not always travel along the expected line, forcing you to make corrections.

Since GVC provides enhanced response to slight steering wheel operations, it greatly reduces the size and frequency of steering corrections. Because GVC simultaneously enhances handling and stability by optimizing the vertical load on the tires depending on driving conditions, it demonstrates even greater effectiveness in rain and snow and on poor road surfaces.

GVC is also effective at reducing fatigue for both driver and passenger. Fatigue steadily builds up as the driver continues to make minor steering corrections over and over again. Since GVC helps alleviate these corrections, it reduces accumulated fatigue over long distances. And by smoothing the transitions between G forces, GVC suppresses the swaying of head and body experienced by vehicle occupants, enabling them to enjoy a more comfortable drive.

GVC also maximizes tire performance by focusing on the vertical load on the tires. The moment the driver starts to turn the steering wheel, GVC controls engine drive torque to generate a deceleration G-force, thereby shifting load to the front wheels. This increases front-wheel tire grip, enhancing the vehicle’s turn-in responsiveness.

Following that, when the driver maintains a constant steering angle, GVC immediately recovers engine drive torque, which transfers load to the rear wheels, enhancing vehicle stability.

This series of load transfers extracts much more grip from the front and rear tires, improving vehicle responsiveness and stability according to the driver’s intentions.

For more information and a chance to experience Mazda’s revolutionary GVC and other Skyactiv technologies first-hand, click the TEST DRIVE button below. A customer service specialist will help you choose which of Mazda’s GVC-equipped vehicles you would like to further explore with a guided tour and road test.

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