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Celebrating 17 years this July with the West Coast Auto Group Linda Leo is one of many long time employees with the company.

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Illuminated Stylings
Using Lanterns for Lighting and Decoration

Though no longer needed for practical purposes, lanterns are making a comeback. They can be used to great effect to provide both extra lighting and an extra decorative touch to any space.

Lanterns come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles, as well as in many different materials. Most have glass doors and sides, but some come with decorative metal mesh doors and sides instead. You can use them to hold tea lights, block candles, or even flameless LED lights. Where and how to use lanterns can be left entirely up to your imagination, but you’ll also find some helpful tips below.

Where to Use Lanterns

Lanterns can help create a warm atmosphere in entertainment areas such as the dining room, living room, or patio. When housing a candle or an LED light, they give off a soft, diffuse glow that can make the ambience feel more intimate. You can also place lanterns in your hallway or stairwells to add a bit more light and to extend a decorative touch throughout the rest of your home. One or two well-placed lanterns in your entryway or even outside on the porch steps will help your guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive.

How to Decorate with Lanterns

Once you’ve figured out where you would like to place a lantern, it’s time to give some thought to matching the style of the lantern to the style of the space. To go with a more contemporary and minimalist style, consider a clean-lined metal lantern that has a simple design. Alternatively, an ornate metal mesh lantern with other decorative elements is a good choice for a classic and traditional design. Think about where you would like to place your lantern as well. Perhaps it would look best hanging up on the wall or as a dining or coffee table centrepiece instead. Particularly large lanterns can even be placed directly on the ground. If you change your mind about your lantern’s location later on, you can always simply pick it up and move it somewhere else!

Changing the Look of Your Lanterns

One of the best things about lanterns is how easy it is to change up their look just by changing the decor inside of them. For example, you can choose different shapes and sizes of candles depending on your mood or on the seasons. You’re also not limited to only using candles inside of your lanterns. You can instead fill a lantern up with a variety of small decorative items and knick-knacks. Welcome the spring and summer by filling a lantern with dried flowers such as hydrangeas and lavender. When fall and winter come around, swap out your flowers for pinecones, faux red berries, and holiday ornaments.

Whether you like to change up your decor on a regular basis or you like to stick with one solid design scheme, adding lanterns into the mix is an easy way to upgrade your style. Get creative with your seasonal lantern displays or go simple with a single white tea light – the choice is up to you.

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