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January 2019

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6 Best Snowmobile Destinations in Canada

There are many parts of Canada where any snowmobile enthusiast would love to spend the season. While snowmobiling is fun just about anywhere, a few top spots really stand out.

If you’re looking for some of the very best places to hit the trail this winter, then you’ll want to head to Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, or Alberta, and specifically to the following six locales.

The Laurentians, Quebec

The Laurentian region in Quebec is well-known for being a mountain sports hub. The area also has a rich snowmobiling heritage. In fact, it was home to the world’s first snowmobiler’s club! There is a total of 2,512 km of trail throughout the Laurentians, ensuring a new and exciting experience every time. The area also receives reliable snowfall and an average of 350 cm of snow cover every season.

Revelstoke, British Columbia

If dense snow cover is what you are after, then you’ll want to go snowmobiling around Revelstoke in British Columbia. The area receives annual snowfalls of between 12 and 18 metres, and there is a great variety of terrain to explore. Revelstoke is bordered by the Columbia and Monashee mountain ranges, and the trail options are nearly endless. This popular snowmobiling site is only growing more popular every year.

Whistler, British Columbia

Another top snowmobiling playground in British Columbia is Whistler. Whistler may not be particularly known for snowmobiling, but it’s only a matter of time. Spectacular mountain vistas and deep snow make for a truly unique ride. Whistler’s backcountry takes you through old-growth forests and over frozen mountain lakes. Two of the best trails in the area that you just need to check out are Rutherford Creek and Brandywine Valley.

Bon Echo Loop, Ontario

Ontario’s Highlands are a well-known snowmobiling paradise, with the Bon Echo Loop offering among the most popular and beautiful trails in the area. The loop is 232 km long and can be completed within one or two days. It’s a great location both for early- and late-season riding. If you’re looking for a diverse selection of terrain and spectacular views along the way, then you can’t go wrong by choosing the Bon Echo Loop.

Elliot Lake, Ontario

The City of Elliot Lake is another superb snowmobile destination in Ontario, located in the province’s snowmobile heartland. It is surrounded on all sides by public wilderness land, so there’s no need to worry about avoiding private property. There are 150 km of groomed trail within city limits alone, and thousands of kilometres beyond that of wilderness to explore. The neighbouring communities are also snowmobile friendly.

The Iron Horse Trail, Alberta

The Iron Horse Trail in central Alberta consists of 300 km of multi-use trail along an old railway bed. The official trail start is at Smoky Lake, and the trail passes through a number of communities and historic sites along the way. It’s a great choice for families or groups that want to enjoy a slower pace which allows them to take in the scenery. The Iron Horse Trail also provides access to numerous trails of other snowmobile clubs in the area.

Each one of these fantastic snowmobile destinations promises excitement and adventure. Before you know it, another season will have passed, so get ready to hit the trails now.

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