Tire Season is Here!

September 2019

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Tire Season is Coming!
We’re ready to take on winter

4 Service Advisors to serve you – we have added a 4th advisor that will be available 3 days a week to support the customer focus and communication in the Service Drive.

Service Valet – Joe Russelle, who has been with our team since June 2002, will fill our new Service Valet role, helping assist customers in the Service Drive, park and retrieve service vehicles to assist our Service staff and serve you more efficiently.

Monday/Wednesday Tire Swap days – we will be utilizing all of our 12 technical staff these days to focus on completing tire swaps to offer more capacity and more timely service through Nov 1st – Dec 15th.

Tuesday/Thursday nights – consider booking a tire swap appointment between 4 – 7pm Tuesday/Thursday night if it is more convenient. We will offer 15 tire swap appointments during each Tuesday and Thursday evening through Nov 1st – Dec 15th.

Extra shuttles available – we will be running with 2 full time shuttle vehicles/drivers for the month of November, and also offer Shuttle service Saturday mornings throughout November from 8am – Noon.

Balance & Alignments specials – to make the most of your service visit, we will be offering an on rim Tire swap, balance and storage special for $98.88, as well as an on rim tire swap, balance, storage and wheel alignment special for $193.99 – make sure you are ready for your winter driving ahead!

EARLY BIRD TIRE SPECIAL – if you would consider changing your tires before October 31st, we will offer you $20 off your tire storage fees! Book online through our website and save $25!

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