Feed Your Wanderlust

June 2021

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Feed Your Wanderlust
Travel Films to Watch Until Your Next Trip

After such a long stretch of being unable to travel, many of us undoubtedly feel a strong wanderlust. Though it may still be a while before your next trip, there are some fantastic films that can help hold you over while you dream about where to go.

Into the Wild (2007)

Based on a true story, Into the Wild follows a young man (played by Emile Hirsch) who gives up all of his possessions and savings to hitchhike to Alaska and live in the wilderness. With great exuberance, he starts on a journey across North America, visiting many interesting places and meeting unique people along the way.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy that will give you both your travel and your time travel fix at the same time. While on a trip to modern-day Paris with his fiancee, the main character (played by Owen Wilson) finds himself travelling back in time to the Roaring Twenties and the Belle Epoque.

Roman Holiday (1953)

Roman Holiday is an Audrey Hepburn classic. Not only was it nominated for 10 Academy Awards, but it earned Hepburn the first Oscar of her own. She stars opposite Gregory Peck as a rebellious royal princess who explores Rome for a day as a commoner. The two share a budding romance as they romp through the city.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Walter Mitty (played by Ben Stiller) is a safe, quiet, and boring man who works for Life magazine. In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, he goes on a quest to find a renowned and adventurous photographer. Walter ends up having quite the adventure himself, travelling from the streets of Manhattan to Iceland, Greenland, and the Himalayas.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

If you haven’t already seen this wildly popular film about travelling and finding yourself, then it should be next on your list. Based on the best-selling novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love stars Julie Roberts and follows her character as she leaves her old life behind to eat in Italy, pray in India, and find love in Bali, Indonesia.

Wild (2014)

Starring Reese Witherspoon, Wild tells the autobiographical story of Cheryl Strayed, who embarked on a months-long hike along the Pacific Crest Trail after the loss of her mother and her marriage. With no experience and improper gear, the film follows Cheryl for over 1,000 miles of beautiful and terrifying wild terrain.

Lost in Translation (2003)

Spend the night in Tokyo in the surprisingly sweet and funny film starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Lost in Translation follows two Americans who meet at an upscale hotel and head out to discover the city. It will certainly make you want to visit Tokyo, but the film’s themes of alienation and loneliness will also make you feel and think.

Lion (2016)

Lion tells the story of a five-year-old Indian boy named Saroo who got separated from his home and adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, a grown-up Saroo, played by Dev Patel, travels back to India to find his lost family. The film was a commercial and critical success, earning six Oscar nominations.

If you’ve caught the travel bug but can’t go anywhere just yet, give some of these films a try. You might get some ideas for your next trip, and you will at least get to enjoy a good movie.

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