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September 2019

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Backcountry Riding
7 Top ATV Trails Across Canada

From coast to coast, Canada has an ideal landscape for trail riding – it’s vast, most of it is not very densely populated, and there is no shortage of scenic vistas. If you’re all revved up to go, then here are seven trails that should be at the top of your list.

1. Seguin Recreational Trail, Ontario

Ontario is easily the country’s hotspot for ATV riding, with the Seguin Trail being a top favourite. The Seguin Trail is the most well-known section of the much larger Park-to-Park Trail, extending 75 kilometres east to west from Highway 400 to Highway 11. It follows a historic railway route south of Parry Sound and provides a good challenge even for experienced riders.

2. Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System, Ontario

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System runs along the Ontario-Quebec border outside the town of Mattawa. It is made up of a network of diverse trails of varying difficulty levels, offering something for everyone. Located between two mountain ranges, the trails also offer stunning scenery. The trailhead is clearly marked just a few minutes south of town on Highway 533.

3. Trans-Quebec #63, Quebec

Classified as a highway, the Trans-Quebec #63 is a network of snowmobile and ATV trails renowned for its quality maintenance. The trails are also very well marked, ensuring that riders always know where they are going. Guided ATV tours along some of the most beautiful trails on Trans-Quebec #63 are offered from the Auberge & Nordic Spa Beaux Reves in Sainte Adele.

4. Deer Lake to Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland

The East Coast landscape is just made for ATV riding, and the trail from Deer Lake to Bishop’s Falls in Newfoundland takes advantage of that. This 183-kilometre trail makes for a great day trip. It begins at an abandoned Cold War radio station and offers breathtaking vistas along the way. You will cross rivers, ride along lakes, and drive through quarries under the beautiful Maritime skies.

5. Narrow Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan may be better known for its flat and wide-open prairies, but Narrow Hills Provincial Park is a completely different world. ATV riding is a great way to discover all of the lakes, hills, and forests that this area has to offer. With roughly 210 kilometres of available trail, there is always a new corner of the Narrow Hills to explore.

6. Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Crowsnest Pass is a large region in southern Alberta that encompasses numerous recreational areas, including Grassy Mountain, York Creek Area, Allison Recreation Area, Daisy Creek, and more. Hop on your ATV and choose from a range of different difficulty levels, from family-friendly trails to rough and rugged terrain more suited to experienced riders. Any option provides wonderful scenery as well.

7. Bear Creek Motorized Recreation Area, British Columbia

The largest recreation site in the province, Bear Creek Motorized Recreation Area is an ATV rider’s paradise. All trails are well marked and very well maintained, making for stress-free riding. Trail options include hundreds of old logging roads as well as an abundance of looped and one-way trails. The area also has 30 recreational campsites with ride-in access.

These seven trails offer some of the best terrain and most scenic vistas in Canada’s vast outdoors. Don’t let trail riding season pass by without trying out at least one of them.

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