Meet Jim Lo

Meet Jim Lo
Shop Foreman

Jim was born in China. When Jim was still an infant his family immigrated to Toronto and made their west to Calgary soon after that. Jim has lived in the Calgary area ever since. He wasn’t born with a wrench in his hand and didn’t spend that much time his head under the hood of a car as a youngster. However, things with wheels did figure prominently in his growing up; Jim spent a lot of time on bicycles, from BMXs to mountain bikes.

Jim enjoyed working with his hands, and repaired and maintained his bikes in his collection, but his automotive tinkering didn’t seriously begin to materialize until after high school. He started his post-secondary education at the University of Calgary and secured a spot in the engineering program. Jim did well but it didn’t seem to be quite the right fit. A guidance counsellor suggested that he check out trade school and before you know it, Jim found himself enrolled in the Automotive Service Technician program at SAIT. There was no turning back after that.

A Nissan dealership was the site of Jim’s apprenticeship. He earned his professional credentials over the course of his five years there. That was followed by a year at a Honda dealership and the seven years at Silverhill Acura. Jim even ran his own shop for three years, before returning to the Honda family, in Okotoks. He joined the team at T&T Honda in 2015, spent a year here as a mechanic before taking on the position of foreman.

Jim may have been a little late arriving on the automotive scene but he has certainly made up for it since. He figures that he has owned in the neighborhood of 30 vehicles, including hallowed classic sports cars like the Toyota Supra Turbo and Acura NSX. His current daily driver is a Cadillac CTS-V, the one with the Corvette engine stuffed under the hood. Jim is a member of a local auto group and likes to spend time on the race track though not as formal competitor – he just enjoys the opportunity to drive cars hard. It also gives him the chance to provide some casual instruction to fellow enthusiasts. Jim’s passion for motorized transportation has also expanded to include dirt bikes, which he enjoys with his son, and, just recently, his wife.

It’s good that Jim enjoys motoring because he now commutes to and from a property north of Calgary. He and his family have begun to establish a homestead there with a house, shop, and barn in the works. His wife has a fondness for rescue animals and has welcomed a variety of them to the family including dogs, cats, horses, and llamas. It probably safe to say that Jim has his hands full whether here at T&T or at home!

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