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July 2022

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Welcome to the Car Wash
The Importance of a Clean Vehicle

Your vehicle takes care of you on the road, so it is important to take care of it. While items like routine maintenance might be at the top of your mind for keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, the importance of a clean vehicle cannot be denied. Do not overlook running your vehicle through the car wash.

Reasons to Wash Your Vehicle

While a clean interior is nice to look at, the sparkle and shine of a freshly washed vehicle is also attractive. However, there are many reasons to wash your car besides making it look nice.

Washing the exterior of your vehicle allows you to remove the debris that it encounters, including bugs, dirt, bird droppings, salt, and more. If you leave these messes untreated, they can start to eat away at your car’s finish and paint. This is potentially damaging to the metal underneath and can cause your vehicle to rust.

Removing the excess debris that accumulates on your vehicle can also boost your fuel economy. You want your vehicle to slice through the air, and a build-up of debris will increase drag on your car, causing it to use more fuel.

Taking Pride in Your Vehicle

Car washes are great for appearance purposes, but beyond that, you will feel better about your vehicle when it is clean and spotless, both outside and inside. Have you noticed that you feel happier and more relaxed when your home is organized and clean? You can get that same feeling when your car is looking its best.

In addition, your vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, and you want to protect your investment as best you can. Keeping your vehicle clean and in shape will help with its resale value down the road.

Types of Car Washes

The tried-and-true home car wash or self-service car wash is always welcome–it is especially helpful to put some elbow grease into those smashed bugs on your vehicle’s grille. However, sometimes the weather is too cold or there is little time to meticulously clean the outside of your vehicle. In that case, there are different car cleaning services you can utilize.

Automated in-bay car washes are a speedy and economical choice for your vehicle. There are usually several different options depending on the level of car wash you want and even the top option is usually less than $15. Automated in-bay washes can take less than 10 minutes, and saves you the cleanup.

There are also automated car washes which include soft-touch car washes, using cloths to scrub the car, and no-touch car washes, which only use high-pressure water and soap. No-touch washes are usually recommended to ensure that nothing accidentally scratches your vehicle, but soft-touch washes offer a more thorough cleaning.

Let’s not forget about professional car washing services, where professionals wash every inch of your car by hand. They use high quality supplies and examine each area of your car thoroughly, making sure no dirt spots remain. Although the price tag is higher, the quality of wash will be hard to beat.

It is important to choose the car wash option that fits your schedule and budget. Just remember to wash your car often to help protect the paint job, increase fuel economy, and retain the vehicle’s resale value.

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