April 2020

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Podcast Picks
What to Listen to While Social Distancing

Listening to a podcast is a great activity you can do while isolating at home or going for a solo stroll around the neighbourhood. Most popular podcasts are still airing regularly, and even some new ones have popped up in response to the current situation. If you’re looking for something to listen to, consider these six highly-recommended shows.

Home Cooking

Home Cooking was created specifically for those who are socially distancing and self-isolating due to COVID-19 and trying to figure out what to cook. Chef Samin Nosrat and experienced podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway are here to answer their listeners’ quarantine cooking questions. Find out how to make the best use of the ingredients you have at home and learn some cooking tips and tricks along the way.

Life Kit

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to be more effective and productive in their daily lives. The NPR podcast Life Kit typically offers basic tips in the areas of health, parenting, money, and the like. Recently, the episodes have been focusing on topics like how to find self-motivation when working from home or how to keep kids learning and engaged during school closures.

Other People’s Problems

Get an intimate look behind the scenes of sessions between Vancouver-based therapist Hillary McBride and her clients. While therapy sessions are typically confidential, Other People’s Problems allows you to listen in as McBride meets with real clients to discuss their very real issues. The podcast seeks to demystify mental health and even to provide listeners with some mental health tools they can use as well.

Reply All

Reply All is a very popular and long-running podcast about the ways that the internet shapes our lives and how we, in turn, shape the internet. Each show explores different types of internet phenomena, with segments devoted to explaining trivia or tackling tech issues. By taking such a broad look at something as ubiquitous as the internet, Reply All is essentially an exploration of modern life.

More with Anna Maria Tremonti

Longtime CBC journalist Anna Maria Tremonti seeks to give more of herself to listeners in this hour-long podcast where she hosts in-depth discussions with special guests. Her guests so far have included high-profile personalities like David Suzuki and Margaret Atwood, as well as many rising stars whose names will no doubt become commonplace one day as well. Spend your evenings tuning in to the intriguing conversations on More with Anna Maria Tremonti.

You’re Wrong About

You’re Wrong About is an incredibly interesting podcast that reveals to listeners how most of what they think they know about important historical events is probably inaccurate, if not downright wrong. Journalists Mike and Sarah explore how the media has shaped public perception of different controversies, scandals, and even individual people. You’ll be surprised at just how many things you’ve been wrong about all this time!

The right podcasts can help you adjust to these changing times or simply encourage you to relax for a while. Enjoy your alone time by engrossing yourself in a few shows that capture your interest.

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