April 2020

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Fun, Family, At-Home ideas from Brantford Honda
Activities for Mom, Dad and the kids

Are you running out of things to keep the kids occupied and engaged? We have a few ideas that may help.

.> Write a letter. Bring out the envelopes, stamps, pens and paper. Send an old-fashioned snail mail to grandma and grandpa or a family member who lives far away.

.> Break out the board games, Scrabble and Monopoly, Shoots and Ladders. Checkers is fun too!

.> Build a puzzle together

.> Make homemade pizza or bake

.> Now that the nice weather is upon us, make an outdoor gym class. Obstacle course anyone?

.> Or you can do some spring cleaning and organizing. Cleaning isn’t exactly fun but with everyone off from school and off from work the house is bound to get messy and pretty quickly at that. Carve a few minutes even if it’s just 15 minutes a day to prioritize organization.

If you have anything you’d like to share for activities to do at home with the family please email them to Franny at falway@brantfordhonda.com

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