February 2018

2015 Honda CR-V LX
Watch Papa’s video!

2013 Honda Civic EX
Josh’s February video!

2016 Ford Escape SE 4×4
Brad’s special won’t be here long!

2014 Jeep Patriot
The Wright pick of the week!

2013 Honda Civic Touring
Gerry’s vehicle of the day!

The thing about rust?
Prevention is cheaper
than the cure!

We’ve had a classic Canadian winter! Has your vehicle weathered the storm?

And Brantford Honda invites you…

Moving on up!!

Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim
With Brad at Brantford Honda

Check out this amazing vehicle that Honda Canada is giving away again for the third year in a row as part of the Roll Up The Rim contest!!! This year they are Honda Civic EX-T’s.

Ryan Stroud… sales person for the month of January 2018!! Great start to the new year Ryan!!

Will You Be the Winner?
The $5000 give away board is filling up!

Purchase any new or used vehicle between January 2nd and March 31st 2018 to be entered for your chance to win $5000!

Just for liking & Sharing our Brantford Honda Facebook page!!

Honda for ALL Continues
But not for long…

2018 Honda Clarity PHEV
Plug Into Class-Leading Fuel Economy

So… what’s the hold up? Why are you not driving a hybrid-electric vehicle? Skeptical of the range? Drivability? Comfort? Features? Long-term reliability? Rest easy. Honda has just introduced the all-new Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Electric Sedan and in an instant, everything has changed. Let’s have a closer look at why the Clarity should be your first Hybrid Electric Vehicle…

2018 Honda Civic SE
Celebrating Record Sales with a Civic Special Edition

Despite increased competition and a general industry slowdown, Honda Canada is celebrating its fourth consecutive year of record annual auto sales and specifically the Honda Civics 20th consecutive year as the best-selling passenger car in Canada with a Special Edition (SE) model packed with incredible value. Here’s a closer look…

Thought for Food
Why We Should Be Rethinking Low-Fat Diets

The reigning public attitude towards consuming dietary fats is that the less we consume, the better. Based on new findings, however, researchers and dieticians are asking people to rethink their stance.

For the month of February we are continuing this SWEET HEART of a Deal!!
For any Pre Owned vehicle purchase, you will receive a 15% discount on any remote starter install.

Just Ask Gary & Jake!
You ask and our experts will answer

Our question to you is this, what service or maintenance should we be doing that is not in the book or a light up on our dash? And why would you recommend it?

Save 13% off your Timing belt & water pump replacement!

Meet and Greet!! If you recently bought a vehicle, we hope you’ll be able to join us.

Winter Driving Safety
Life-Saving Items You Should Keep in Your Vehicle

We rarely leave the house thinking that later in the day, we’ll be involved in a life-threatening emergency. And more often than not, it’s that lack of consideration and preparation that gets us into the deepest trouble. With that in mind, here is a list of potentially life-saving items you should keep in your vehicle all winter long…

Kirkland Lake Winter Carnival
Over Two Weeks of Fun Events and Activities

Looking for something fun and outdoorsy to do with your family over the coming weeks? Head to Kirkland Lake to check out one of the longest annual winter carnivals in Canada.

Please send a copy of your resume today!

Familiar Film
8 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Shot in Canada

Canadians don’t often get to see their home country depicted in too many big-name movies but, despite being set elsewhere, a surprising number of blockbuster flicks were actually filmed in Canada.

Hidden Beauty
6 of the World’s Lesser-Known Natural Wonders

There’s no shortage of natural beauty and wonder to be found on earth. Every corner of the world has its hidden gems, and we’ve put together a few that you may not have heard of before.

Meatless Meals
3 Vegan Dishes Even Meat-Eaters Will Love

Need some ideas for vegan meals that everyone at the table can enjoy? Thankfully, many well-loved traditional dishes can be made with a vegan twist by substituting a few simple ingredients.

Bringing Home Buddy
What to Consider Before Getting a Pet

Animals can add a lot of enrichment to your life but only if you have the means to properly care for them and to make sure that their own life is enriched by living in your home as well.

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